Settling In

We want your child to feel safe and happy in our Nursery. A child that is anxious or unhappy will not settle and create the bond with staff and other children, which is important to their overall well-being and development.

Our settling in procedure aims to help parents and children feel comfortable with our environment, and to be sure that you and your child can benefit from what we have to offer.

You are are invited to come and look around Playland prior to making the important decision to leave your child with us. This is an opportunity to meet our friendly staff and to see what we do, Once you have made your decision to stay with us, then it is important that you and your child come back to Playland to spend some time with the key person who is to have overall care of your child. Several settling in visits are recommended if this is at all possible.

This will give you the opportunity to talk to us about your personal requirements for you and your child, and for them to familiarise themselves with our surroundings.which will give you the confidence to leave your child with us, as its not uncommon for a new child to be upset when starting nursery.

To minimise any distress we aim to be as flexible as possible settling a child into a new routine.

It is important to us that we settle your child and give them the confidence to establish a long and happy relationship with us and with you

We are registered and inspected by CSSIW and Estyn, and are very proud of our inspection reports which you are able to view if you click on the links below.


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