Pre-School Room

As children’s independence grows they start to develop their own personality. Learning is a continuous journey, and children build on the things they have already experienced and experimented with.

Children in the Pre-school room have an increased interest in joint play , such as make believe, construction, dressing up, which all helps a child develop the social skills that they need, such as sharing and co-operating. Making friends and getting on with other people helps a child feel positive about themselves.

Our Pre-school Room is a lively environment which offers a wide range of stimulating activities and is run by a dedicated qualified team. The planning for these children is done within a framework in which the children play a guiding role in future planning of activities.

Evaluation of what the children have learnt from activities and regular observations of individual children, give the staff the knowledge to track each child’s development. Our Pre-school children are also taught and encouraged to learn the skill necessary to reach their full potential – developing pre-writing, reading, and numeracy skills as well as preparing them for school.

We are registered and inspected by CSSIW and Estyn, and are very proud of our inspection reports which you are able to view if you click on the links below.


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