Development Records

Children need to be stretched, but not pushed beyond their capabilities, so that they can continue to enjoy learning. This is achieved at Playland through ongoing observational assessment which informs planning for each of our children’s continuing development.

Through play-based activities and a flexible approach we are able to assess the children’s learning and development. This is important for the identification of the children’s learning needs and to ensure that we respond if any difficulty arises in a particular area.

Our development records are based on:

‘Birth to Three Matters Framework’ for children up to 36 months classified under the following headings:

• A strong child
• A skillful communicator
• A competent learner
• A healthy child

From 3- years onward

Our developmental records are completed for every child in line with the (Early Years Foundation Phase). The overall development of each child is classified under the following headings:

• Personal, social and emotional development
• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Mathematics
• Literature
• Understanding the world
• Expressive art and design

Your child’s development in each of these areas will be recorded in a clear and regularly updated system which is available for you to see and discuss with your child’s key person.

Parents have access to all records and information kept on their child by appointment, and we give parents reports at Christmas and Easter, and at the end of the academic year parents of the children in the Toddler and Pre-school units are invited into the nursery to discuss the individual progress of their child. When your child leaves us, the developmental records which we have kept will be passed onto you. These records should be passed onto the next provider when a child leaves helping to ensure there is continuity of care and development.

We are registered and inspected by CSSIW and Estyn, and are very proud of our inspection reports which you are able to view if you click on the links below.


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