Baby Room

Our baby Room cater for 9 Babies from 8 weeks up to 16 months.

Our highly trained staff adhere to a daily routine for each child – to promote their development and well-being ensuring that each child has fun, and are continually stimulated throughout the day.

The baby room is fully equipped with its own changing facilities, and has a separate sleep room, so that the babies are able to follow their own routine until they are settled into the nursery.

All babies have daily log books to take home with them at the end of their day, but staff will have one to one contact with parents at the beginning and the end of each session.

Fresh air is important for young children, and weather permitting we try to take the babies out for walks during the day in our Kindervan.

We are registered and inspected by CSSIW and Estyn, and are very proud of our inspection reports which you are able to view if you click on the links below.


For more details please call
Playland Day Nursery on
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