Our day

Times   Description
7.30 am   Our first arrivals of the day.
8.00 – 9.00am   During this time most of our children are received into the nursery and upon arrival they go directly to their age related  areas to take part in free play, or an activity until they are ready for breakfast.
 8.30am – 9.00am Breakfast
9.00am – 9.30am The Pre-school children have circle time, register is taken and the children tell their news.
The Babies and Toddler children follow their own time table of activities for the day
10.00am Snack time for Pre-school and Toddlers (Juice / Milk and Fruit) this is an opportunity for the children to sit together and fill the gap in their tummies before lunch.
Babies will have their own routines at this time.
From this moment onwards the children are involved in the routine within each individual group. Age related activities and experience are provided throughout the day with the children having a variety of choices including outdoor play. In the summer months we use our outdoor classrooms giving the children the maximum opportunity to benefit from the fresh air.
9.00 – 11.30am During term time, January to July the children in the Pre-school room have the opportunity participate with the Foundation Phase. Children who have reached 3 years of age before end of December will be funded for two terms, and children who reach the age of 3 years will be funded for one term to the maximum of 10 hours per week by the LEA. Further information on request.
11.30am Preparation for lunch … hands are washed and aprons put on.
Also at this time of day the nursery school children are collected from their different schools.
After finishing their lunch the little ones are cleaned up, toileted / nappies checked and then settled down for a sleep.
12.30pm   Rest time, a period of quiet activities will be organised for the children not going down for a sleep, a video may also be watched for a short time.
Sleep I vital for a growing child, and at Playland we believe that all children with us for a full and active day will benefit from a short structured period of rest during the day, to revitalised the child and give them the energy and concentration to participate in active range of activities that we have for them throught the day. This should not interfere with a child’s bedtime at home, as long as there is a well organised routine in place. We will endeavour to work with parents who have any problems in this area.

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