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Children breakfast between 8.30am to 9.30am in the morning. They have a variety of cereals to chose from, or porridge, toast and honey, or crumpets.


We recognise the importance of a well balanced diet for young children, therefore we provide a variety of nutritious home cooked meals prepared in our own kitchen by our resident cook.
Menus are on a three week rolling cycle, and are displayed on the Parents Notice Board in the cloakroom. Before your child starts with us you will be asked to complete a dietry information form which will set out any special requirements or food allergies that your child may have.
Menus may change periodically due to availability of stock


Tea is offered to children who are with us from 3.30pm onwards.
This is usually a light tea to fill the gap until they get home and are able to participate family mealtimes at the end of the day.
Babies have two hot meals + breakfast every day.


We offer the children a light health snack twice a day between meals.


Children are offered drinks at every meal and snack time, and fluids are made believable through the day, particularly in hot weather.

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